Aqua Defender

Aqua Defender Model 8

The SoneSys Aqua Defender™ line of sonar systems encompasses a family of sonar sensors, from very light and compact, ideal for mobile deployment, to ultra-long range for surveillance of open areas.

SoneSys uses patented receive beam-forming technology that allows us to build smaller, more efficient systems. Smaller size translates into lower weight, and higher efficiency results in a reduced environmental impact.

The SoneSys Engineering Team has over 30 years of experience in the design and development of Advanced Sonar Technology. The current product family represents the fourth generation of Diver Detection Sonar systems.

Lighter & Stronger

Sonesys’ proprietary and patented technology allows the Aqua Defender™ to be extremely compact, reliable, light-weight, and easy to deploy.

Easy to Operate

Our software is highly intuitive and easy to use. The user interface gives the operator a map-like depiction of the area under surveillance. With our patented micro-beam receiver technology, the Aqua Defender™ can operate in high ambient noise environments, and can easily distinguish between a marine mammal and an intruder.


  • Underwater Swimmer Detection
  • 360° Coverage @250 Meters Range
  • Real time surveillance of : Inlets, Canals, Harbors, Docks and Wharfs, Off Shore Platforms, Vessels
  • Operator Laptop with Software
  • Rapid Deployment & mobility

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