Unattended Ground Sensor SystemThe UGS 2500 is a multi-sensor, self powered Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) with embedded mesh radio technology that enables persistent, scalable, cost effective surveillance. Employing advanced algorithms and hardware design, the UGS 2500 generates high confidence target detection and classification at long range with low false alarm rate on both traditional and asymmetric threats. The UGS 2500 fuses sensor data in the UGS thereby reducing network traffic and maximizing operating life.

Self-forming, self-healing, mesh technology enables UGS emplacement in difficult RF environments not achievable with traditional hub and spoke communication architectures. The system scales from a few nodes in a tactical deployment to thousands of nodes in a persistent national network. The UGS 2500 minimizes total system life cycle cost by eliminating the need for advanced network planning; providing extremely long operating life; and including features for remote management and diagnostics, such as Over-The-Air Programming (OTAP) and Over-The-Air Rekeying (OTAR). This network flexibility changes the paradigm of how UGS are deployed and used.

Real time intelligence and perimeter security for:

  •   High Value Assets
  •   Borders
  •   Pipelines
  •   Nuclear Plants

Features include:

  • Optional Image Capture
  • Personnel vs Vehicle Differentiation
  • Remote management and diagnostics
  • Wireless Communications to Monitoring Center
  • Battery Life of 2+ years

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