The SSI 2500 for CDMA networks and SSI 1500 for GSM networks offer advanced processing elements and sophisticated software that combine to comprehensibly monitor the local Cellular air interface. Once configured, these systems passively monitor, process, organize and store the Cellular air interface activity in the local area. The modular system conveniently fits into a carry-on size transit case, or can be rack mounted for more permanent installations.SSI 1500 Signal Intercept System


  • GSM and CDMA Versions
  • Real time and post event monitoring of voice and SMS traffic
  • 240 MHz total staring BW for complete coverage of forward/reverse bands
  • Digitizes and records entire cell phone RF spectrum
  • Determine mobile station identities associated with suspect’s phone numbers
  • Area monitoring with alerting to presence of known suspects
  • Monitor “who’s calling who” within area
  • Identify phone number associated with a potential suspect’s mobile station identity
  • Determine suspect’s location within 200-400 meters
  • Replay network activity in support of post-event forensic analysis
  • Recording capability for 2 million calls
  • Remote Receivers to extend reception area

Data Sheets

  • SSI 1500 Signal Sensor Intercept for CDMA Networks
  • SSI 2500 Signal Sensor Intercept for GSM Networks